Big Sean – Possible Eminem Collaboration

Big SeanBig Sean talks about collaborating with Eminem, and how the sound on his latest album will be less about club-appeal and more and will strike an “emotional chord”.

Detroit player, Big Sean, has been one of the hottest rappers this summer appearing on huge singles like “Clique” and “Mercy” where his introductory verse caught ears and turned heads.  Throw in his Detroit mixtape, which had the quality of an album, and it is clear why people are anticipating his upcoming G.O.O.D. Music album Hall Of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.  In a recent interview, Big Sean hinted at the possibility of collaborating with the biggest emcee to come out of Detroit, and talked about the sound and theme of his new album. 

On his Detroit mixtape, Sean had names like Common and Young Jeezy speak on interludes about Detroit city and some of their fond memories.  Big Sean even had Royce Da 5’9 jump on a track with him, but in an interview with HipHop-N-More, he talks about working with Shady Records CEO and hip hop legend, Eminem, via HHDX, “Yes, there is a possibility [of a collaboration with Eminem].”

After featuring on some of the Summer’s hottest singles, Big Sean says his album will be less about club bangers, and will have a more intimate look at the Motown rapper.”I feel like I’ve got a lot of club songs – I’ve got ‘Burn” out there, I’ve got “Mercy“, I’ve got “Clique“.  I wanted to do something a little bit different,” Sean added, “I wanted to do some shit that I really was inspired by, something that may strike an emotional chord in people.”

He added that Hall Of Fame is his sound, and he was not preoccupied with adhering to what the label wants, “It’s just for the shit I like; I’m not going by the label’s standards, I’m not going by the club’s standards. It’s just what the fuck I want to do.”

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