Diddy – In Wake Of Car Crash, Thankful For Support

Diddy Car CrashA spokesperson for Sean Combs confirms that a car crash in Los Angeles left him with multiple injuries.

Diddy was in involved in a car crash on Wednesday has left him recovering from multiple injuries. A car attempting a left turn in front of his SUV caused a collision. Both Diddy, his driver, and passengers in the other car, complained of pain to police upon their arrival, but only later did they realize how serious the damage was.

A spokesperson for the Bad Boy CEO confirmed he is receiving treatment to MTV News, “Sean Combs sustained multiple injuries in yesterday’s car accident including to his neck, ribs and collarbone. He is currently receiving treatment for these injuries from his physicians and would like to thank all of his fans for the outpouring of support that he has received since the accident.”

Russell Simmons was among the first to reveal the accident had happened via Twitter, saying he was “Glad to hear my man Puff is ok…” The entertainment mogul himself took to Twitter to reassure fans with a quick note: “Woah…that was a close one!”

Though he needs time to recover, Diddy will surely be back up on his feet soon, as the last weeks have seen him heavily promoting Machine Gun Kelly, his latest Bad Boy recruit. MGK’s debut Lace Up was released just a day before the crash, charting at #4 on Billboard, with Diddy encouraging fans to sneak a peak at the album’s accompanying documentary.

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