DJ Drama – Explains What He Saw The Night Of The Rick Ross & Young Jeezy Fight

DJ Drama - FightDJ Drama was an eye witness for the Young Jeezy and Rick Ross melee at the BET Awards and clears up the rumors that gunshots were fired.

As you may have heard, over last weekend there were a few fights at the BET Awards.  One of the altercations that caused the biggest buzz was between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy, who have a history of discontent between each other.  There was even a video of the incident, and in that video DJ Drama makes an appearance.  He now comes forward with what he believes happened.

Early reports were that the fight spilled out into the street and eventually gunshots were fired, but Drama reports to Complex this was not the case, and that there was just some shoving and an exchange of words.  Saying, via HHDX, “I saw [Jeezy] in the house. Then we walked backstage at the same time.  Jeezy was walking one way, Ross was going the other way. They stopped briefly, exchanged a few words, and there was some pushing and shoving. That was pretty much it.”  The Gangsta Grillz DJ added, “I just heard a couple, ‘What’s ups,’ I didn’t hear what else was said.”

Drama then clarified what the video footage appeared show, and says that at that point Young Jeezy was not even backstage anymore, and most of the ruckus was Rick Ross’ manager trying to reach him and cops intervening.  “The video that you see is all after the fact. Jeezy wasn’t even inside at that moment, he was already outside,” Drama elaborated, “The confrontation in the video is Ross’ manager, Gucci Pucci, trying to get to Ross and the cops trying to stop him because they don’t know who he is. There’s no footage of the fight. That’s all afterwards…it wasn’t a fight.”

Although there were rumors of gunshots, Drama says that was not the case, and the entire situation was just a disagreement between two of the biggest names in rap, which caused everyone on hand to be tense.  “No shots were fired. It was a small disagreement, but it was a small disagreement between two very important and big individuals within hip-hop,” Drama points out, “It’s been the talk of the town.”

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