Eminem – Graces Cover Of VIBE For 10 Year Anniversary Of “8 Mile”

Eminem Graces Vibe CoverEminem covers VIBE magazine as the cast from “8 Mile” is reunited for the ten year anniversary of the film’s release.

Held as one of the greatest hip hop movies of all-time, “8 Mile” depicted a young white rapper on the rise in Detroit city.  Obviously, there were some auto-biographical elements between the B-Rabbit character, and the actor playing him, Detroit’s own, Eminem. 

Commemorating the ten year anniversary of the film, VIBE magazine reunited the cast and they had Marshall Mathers on the cover.  In the interview they talk about what part of the B-Rabbit character was taken from Em’s life, and the process in developing the epic freestyle battle scenes. 

Check out excerpts and the cover featuring Eminem below.

Eminem: When I look back at the movie, one of the cool things is we all became friends on the set. The film carried over to how we [eventually] interacted in real life.
You always said this isn’t your life story. Does it matter that everybody thinks it is?

It doesn’t really matter to me. People who really listen to my music probably know what’s real in that movie and what’s not. There were bits and pieces that were taken from my life [1], but for the most part, it was the story of the underdog. We rehearsed so much before we even started the film, and I was in every scene. I was there every day from 6 a.m. until—half the time—5 in the morning the next day. It became a point where I felt like I am this person. I’m fucking B-Rabbit because I was living this movie. I had no choice but to be him.

How were the battle scenes written?
I think Curtis had a lot of the guys write their own things, and then I would see what they were going to say. I might sit there with some of the guys and be like, “What if you changed this?” The hardest thing for me was trying to figure out what that last [rhyme] was going to be. As I was going back and forth with the other guys about what they were going to say—“Okay, if you’re going to say that, then I’ll write this”—the last one was [challenging] because I didn’t have anything to respond off of. So I had to write it myself, off what somebody could say to me.


Eminem Graces Cover of Vibe

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