Fat Joe – Talks About Ending Beef With 50 Cent

Fat JoeFat Joe talks about ending his beef with 50 Cent, and how both felt it was time to make amends to honor the wishes of Chris Lighty.

The BET Awards from this past weekend have been mired with reports, and videos, of fights breaking out.  Rick Ross got into it with Young Jeezy, and another MMG member, Gunplay had a run-in with 50 Cent and his crew.  It was not all negativity at the awards however, as the aforementioned 50, was able to finally squash beef with Terror Squad’s Fat Joe during the tribute to the recently deceased hip hop management pioneer, Chris Lighty.

Lighty was an influential figure for many people in hip hop, but especially 50 Cent and Fat Joe, and the two New York natives have decided that in honor of Chris they will end their long time feud.  Calling into Hot 107.9, Fat Joe talked about ending the beef with the head of G-Unit, and what an impact Chris Lighty had on his life. 

“The same guy who discovered him discovered me, Chris Lighty, and Chris lighty I owe him everything, cause you know I used to hustle big time in the Bronx…everyone else got like 75 years in jail, God bless him, he literally saved my life,” Fat Joe said reflectively, and added, “I never could believe I could be a rapper, he talked me into rapping.”

Before his death, Chris Lighty was always pushing the two beefing rappers to make amends, “He always wanted me and 50 Cent to make peace forever…We were just being stubborn and ignoring him.”  Apparently, it was 50 who had some friendly words for Joe during the Awards Show, “While we was there, 50 whispered some things in my ear that was gentleman-like…he just said the right things man, and you know…a handshake involved.”

Fat Joe seems more than happy to leave this beef behind him, as he felt it could have escalated into something serious, “This is Israel/Palestine, man…this was gonna go bad, no matter what…this wasn’t like ‘rap beef’.”  Joe added how senseless he feels all this beef is in the rap game, “This rap beef ain’t about nothing…ain’t nothing cool about it, ain’t about nothin’.”

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