Flavor Flav – Threatened His Fiance’s Son With Two Knives, Reports Say

Flavor FlavPolice reports say Flavor Flav assaulted his fiance and then chased her son through their home while carrying two knives.

It seems always on the edge, Flavor Flav could be in serious trouble as details have surfaced over what happened at his Las Vegas home when he was arrested for assault and battery, which include Flav using two knives to chase and threaten to kill a teenager.

TMZ reports, that the altercation began when Flav’s fiancé accused him of infidelities, and the argument quickly escalated as the Public Enemy rapper grabbed her and threw her to the ground.  His fiance’s 17 year old son was in the house and he stepped in to protect his mother. 

Flavor Flav then grabbed two knives as he chased his fiance’s son through the house, threatening to kill him according to reports.   He even kicked down a door to get to the teenager.  While this was happening his fiance called the police and he was charged with misdemeanor battery, as his fiance’s earring was torn out during the altercation, and assault with a deadly weapon for threatening the teenager. 

Currently, Flav is out on $23,000 bail and has a court date scheduled for next week.

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