Game – Discusses Track With Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz On “Jesus Piece”

GameGame reveals collaboration with Nicki Minaj jumping on a track with him and Trey Songz. He also weighs in on Nick Minaj’s on-set troubles with Mariah Carey.

Game is gearing up for his upcoming Jesus Piece album, and talks about a track he did with Trey Songz where he is trying to recruit Nicki Minaj to jump on.  The Compton rapper says the track’s themes will touch on church and strip club alike.  He also weighs in on the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey “American Idol” friction.

While the Barbz leader is yet to record her verse due to an overwhelming schedule, Game says to Rap-Up that she has the record, “Nicki she hasn’t done it yet, I sent it to her.  It’s a song with me and Trey on it,” adding, “We got in touch, she said she’d kill it, but she’s doing major work, making major money.”

He says it will be controversial in covering two of his favorite topics, religion and strippers, “It’s basically about walking outta the backdoor of church and falling into the front door of a strip club…I wanna get the word, I want my belief to be in God, and at the same time I wanna see that ass clap.”  Game knows this sacrilegious, but just feels that’s business as usual for his career, “Alotta’ people are gonna be happy about the album, some people gonna be angry about it, but ya know, when have I not made people mad?”

Game even chimes in on the Nicki and Mariah incident, saying he feels the two are so talented that they will eventually learn to coexist.  “I think one day when Nicki’s career is said and done, she’ll be legendary. I think that Mariah Carey is bigger than life,” heaping further praise on the female talents he said, “I think she’s like female Elvis at this point. Two amazing women should be able to get along and I’d love to see that happen sooner than later.”

Jesus Piece is currently slated to drop on December 11th.

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