Gucci Mane – “It Woulda Been A Whole Different Story”

Gucci ManeGucci Mane says things would have gone down differently if he’d been present at this year’s BET Awards show.

While things have calmed down since multiple fights broke out at the BET Awards, Gucci Mane has since been on warpath to Young Jeezy. Although Gucci wasn’t at the BET Awards when Rick Ross and Jeezy had a confrontation, their beef re-ignited following the Awards show. 

In conversation with DJ Whoo Kid, the Brick Squad members expressed their regret for not being at the BET Awards show. “I wish I’da been there.” Gucci said of the BET Awards “I’m really still mad at Waka for saying we ain’t gunna go til this day. It woulda been a whole different story.” 

Waka Flocka added, “Shit, I probably be in jail right now. There was a lot of punchin’ bags in that motherfucker.”

Watch the full interview below, where Gucci explains how shit goes down in ATL if you disrespect the Brick Squad.

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