Joe Budden And Girlfriend Kaylin Garcia – To Be On “Love & Hip Hop”

Joe BuddenJoe Budden talks about being on the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop” with his girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia.

Joe Budden is no stranger to sharing information on Twitter his relationships.  He is constantly posting tweets about his views on women, and his current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, and uploading pics of the couple on Instagram.  After being so public, it seems natural for Budden to transition to reality TV. 

During an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, the Slaughterhouse emcee comes clean about being on the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop”, but was trying to keep it under wraps, “The cast isn’t supposed to be so public about it.” He was hesitant to give any details however on what viewers can expect this season, “[the] storyline – that’s being recreated every single day.”

One thing Joe was clear about was that he will not be ‘clowning’ on the show , “people hear Love & Hip Hop and they think ‘buffoonery’,” adding that he does not “conform” for anyone, “I’m not gonna let VH1 depict in a way that I’m unsatisfied.  I don’t conform in the music industry, so I’m not going to [on Love & Hip Hop].”

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