Mike Knox Of G-Unit – Says 50 Cent Not Involved In Fight

Mike KnoxMike Knox of the G-Unit spoke to Philly’s Hot 107.9, and says he was involved in fighting Gunplay, and 50 Cent was not part of the altercation. Knox is also very clear that he has no intention of squashing this beef.

Gunplay called into Power 105 to explain his run-in with G-Unit over the weekend at the BET Awards, and now Mike Knox of G-Unit spoke to Philly’s Hot 107.9 and gives his version of how the fight with Gunplay went down.  Knox is certain that 50 Cent was not involved in any way, and says that Gunplay “is on drugs” and started the fight. The G-Unit member also is clear that he has no intention of squashing this beef.

When asked about how the altercation with Gunplay started, Mike Knox said MMG and G-Unit were in the same vicinity and everything was cool until Gunplay started rapping off at Mike and his crew, “it just always gotta be one out the bunch…there’s always a dope fiend that doesn’t have the respect or capabilities to keep his cool.”

Knox says that 50 Cent had no part in the altercation and that the Florida rapper is just using his name to get noticed, “for him to jump on radio Monday morning, this is clearly about moving some records and getting some attention, and you keep attaching 50’s name.” Adding that Fif was only concerned about the tribute “only thing he was concerned about was getting on that stage and doing what he gotta do.”

Knox feels that Gunplay is using this opportunity for self-promotion, “if he wanna be stupid and…wanna go out, make diss records and make it a whole 50 Cent, G-Unit thing, and that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about you being a dope fiend, and needing help.”

Hot 107.9’s Q-Deezy kept hinting at Knox perhaps just moving past the beef, but it appears the Philly native has no interest in that, “I come from North Philly man, and at the end of the day…we don’t squash beefs…by the time I’m done with Gunplay, Def Jam gonn drop him like we did.”  At one point he emphatically added, “there’s no squashing it!”

Gunplay had lost his chain during the altercation and Mike Knox hinted at the MMG chain being in his possession, but says there is no beef with G-Unit and MMG and mentions how he is cool with Philly’s own Meek Mill, “let’s be clear, this has nothing to do with Meek Mill…this has nothing to do with him.”

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