Missy Elliott – Working With J. Cole And Jay-Z

MIssy Elliott - Working WIth J. ColeMissy Elliott stopped by to chop it up with DJ Whoo kid talked about collaborations with J. Cole, innovating female emcee style (which is needed), and she even gave some insight on working with Jay-Z in the studio back in the day.

Although Missy’s been away from the game for awhile, even the young stars are clamoring at a shot to work with her.  One of those is J. Cole, and Missy says she respects his work cause he’s not afraid to be different.  “I am blessed, I mean, J Cole, obviously he coulda got any incredible singer,” Missy said, “he called me up and he was like ‘I got this record’,” adding, “He goes against the grain, whatever feel good to him.”

Today with artists like Nicki Minaj at the forefront of the female rap scene, and her eccentric outfits, hair, and slang, Missy can be credited with being the first mainstream female artist to really push the boundaries on style and presentation.   On passing the torch to the present day female artists Missy is just happy people can be themselves, “I think it’s good that people just be themselves, that was important to me…I was real to myself…I’m happy to have inspired in some kinda way for people to just be themselves.”

Talking about collaborations, Missy was asked about recording with Jay-Z in the past, and she talked about how he would have ready-made verses in his head as soon as he heard a track he liked, saying, “What I love about Jay is he would just come into a studio, hear a joint, and he be like ‘turn the mic up’, and just get in there and get to bustin’.”

When hinting at guests on her upcoming LP Missy just teased the fans saying, “I got a couple other features that’s nuts.”

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