Raekwon – Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt.III

RaekwonRaekwon The Chef is cooking up the third installment in his “Cuban Linx” series, and we may get a Kanye West feature on it.

While Raekwon‘s original Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is still considered a classic by many, Rae is hoping to achieve similar status with the third part of the series.

Kanye West’s love for the Wu is no secret, and although the Chef has worked with Yeezy in the past, their most recent collaboration appeared on Cruel Summer. With Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..Pt. III. on the way, we can only wonder if Rae will return the favor and include ‘Ye.

While talking to MTV News, Raekwon spoke on the possibility of this, indicating it’s extremely likely. “It’ll only be right,” Raekwon said. “One thing about me with that III, if I do that III the way I want to do it, I wanna break bread with everybody. There might be a young nigga out there that I feel got it.”

However, don’t expect Raekwon to rush it. There’s no date set for the LP, although The Chef promises to deliver it sometime before 2014. 

“The main thing is just the vibe, when we come together if we don’t got a vibe, we don’t got nothin’,” Rae explained. “So we’re really just taking our time, but we know we gonna do something.”

Even though Rae is friends with all the vet MCs in the game, and renowned producers, he still has his ear to the ground, scoping out new talent for the third installment of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. “I would love to have an assorted selection and I believe that real talent comes from the street,” he said. “I’m always gonna be that guy.”

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