Rick Ross – Sued By Umbrella Lounge For 2011 Birthday Brawl

Rick Ross Photo Anguilla2Ricky Rozay is named in a new lawsuit from Umbrella Lounge, for an altercation with took place at the club during Ross’ birthday festivities in 2011.

Rick Ross is at the center of a new lawsuit as a result of a brawl which took place on the rapper’s birthday on January 28th of 2011.

Umbrella Lounge filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross earlier this month, claiming that while the MMG boss was celebrating his birthday with his entourage at the club, a fight broke out involving the crew.

The lawsuit claims that the fight spilled outside, resulting in the injury of two men who required serious medical attention. One of the men required 40 stitches, while another suffered lacerations and permanent scarring, reports AHH.

The victims of the altercation originally sued Umbrella Lounge, who in turn have sued Rick Ross.

Umbrella Lounge states that they provided sufficient security for the cub, but despite their attempts to stop the fighting, Rozay and his crew continued to cause a disturbance outside the club.

The suit accuses Ross of “acting in reckless and negligent manner,” as the security at Umbrella Lounge had asked Rozay to quell the fighting, and he disobeyed, which resulted in the grave injuries of club-goers.

Rick Ross’ new mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, is out now.

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