Roscoe Dash – I Wasn’t Credited On “Cruel Summer” Because Of Typo

Roscoe Dash - ClaimsRoscoe Dash may have felt the need to vent on Twitter about his lack of credit on certain songs, but he says he’s still on good terms with the artists he wrote for.

Roscoe Dash has been in the news recently since sending a few messages on Twitter about being left off of the credits on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album. He spoke to Sway in the Morning about what actually happened.

He explained to the radio show host that he didn’t know why he hadn’t gotten credit, and that’s why he felt some type of way about it. However, now it seems Kanye’s people have cleared it with him and explained his lack of credit is due to a typo.

Many were wondering what exactly Roscoe Dash did for the compilation LP, and he says,  “I did “To The World,” that’s the first record on there, with him and R. Kelly…so I just kinda went in and added a couple of things to it.” Although he hasn’t spoke to Kanye personally, he says there is no bad blood between the two.

He also explains that Wale is still a good friend of his despite his frustrations with the “Lotus Flower Bomb” record, for which he claimed he also didn’t receive credit.

Watch the interview with Sway below.

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