Scott Storch – Unpaid Child Support

Scott StorchHip hop producer Scott Storch is wanted by authorities for unpaid child support and failing to appear in court.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for hip hop producer Scott Storch after he failed to pay over $20,000 in child support and did not appear at his court hearing. 

Storch, the producer behind Fat Joe’s  2004 anthem, “Lean Back”, and according to TMZ, owes $28, 300 to the mother of his child, and so a court date was scheduled.  In addition to the child support, Storch also has an unpaid bill of $4,000 to a Beverly Hills hotel. 

Apparently, the hotel even contacted Scott’s former lawyer, Bradford Cohen, but attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful.  If Storch pays the child support amount in full then he can avoid jail time. 

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