T.I. – Voting is Serious Business

T.I. On VotingWith election day coming closer and closer, we hear about various rappers who are making it a priority to vote and get the word out on who they’re supporting.

Although Lil Wayne has been following the election, he won’t be voting because of his time served on Rikers Island. T.I., on the other hand, who also served time, is taking a cue from 2 Chainz and making it his duty to vote, since he’s off probation now.

While talking to MTV News about the U.S. election, he explains why he is able to vote. “I am able to vote because I have served my time, I’m off probation, so I can re-register just like each and all of you can,” he said. “If you are off from probation, you are not serving a sentence — matter of fact, if you are out on bond and have not yet been convicted, you also may vote.”

Tip added, “I’m going to make it my business to go out there and vote.”

T.I. is currently working on his album Trouble Man, due out in December.

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