Tyga – Being Sued By Landlord Of Malibu Mansion

Tyga - SuedTyga is currently involved in a lawsuit over his Malibu pad.

Tyga is being sued by his landlord for failing to pay rent on his Malibu mansion.

A man named Gholamreza Rezai filed a suit against the YMCMB rapper and his label saying he leased the mansion for one year in June. Tyga apparently agreed to pay $16,000 to live in the house, but stopped paying the rent last month, according to TMZ. Rezai has said that Tyga told him he wanted to move out by September 30th as fans kept showing up at his door and harassing him. According to the suit, Rezai refused to end the lease for Tyga and asked him to pay the September rent regardless– which Tyga hasn’t done. Rezai is suing for the past due rent, plus damages, and for Tyga to be kicked out of the home.

Take a look at the house below.

Tyga - Sued (House)

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