Tyga – Landlord’s Lawsuit Is Fallacious

TygaRap artist Tyga, being sued over unpaid rent. Could Tyga be going broke? According to TMZ, he very well could be!

The celebrity news website broke the story originally, stating that  the Young Money member was being sued by his L.A. landlord, Gholamreza Rezai for his $16,000 a month rent. But T-Raww swears he isn’t house squatting but instead claims to have just bought a $6.5-million mansion only miles away from where he is renting the Malibu flat in question.

A rep for the rapper insists the lawsuit is completely falsified as Tyga is currently residing at the new 9,279-square-foot mansion he bought in Calabasas.

His rep also adds the landlord is being absolutely unreasonable – Tyga gave Mr. Rezai the proper 30 day notice before leaving and now he refuses to let the artist out of his lease because he is incapable of finding anyone else to cover the rent in this horrible economy.

As for Tyga’s new Malibu mansion — sources were told it’s enormous…a whopping 7 bedrooms, 8 baths a movie theater, pool spa, waterfall, tennis courts, gym – the entire “9 yards.”

Check out the photos below.

Tyga's New House













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