Young Jeezy – Has Had Enough Of The Rap Beef With Rick Ross & Calls Gucci Mane “Retarded”

Young Jeezy & Rick RossYoung Jeezy talks about feuds with Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, saying he is tired of the “WWF” beef in the rap game.

Seems these days it’s difficult to be a fan of several hip hop camps.  You’re either down with YMCMB, or G.O.O.D. Music, or rolling with Young Jeezy, or Rick Ross and MMG.  Several artists use this perceived “beef” to push records, and at this year’s BET Awards things came to a head with several fights breaking out.  One of the more notable dust-ups was between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, and while it ultimately just lead to words being exchanged and some shoving, people want to know if this is just the beginning of more serious altercations to come.

Visiting Power 106, Young Jeezy talked about his run-in with Rick Ross, and how the ATL legend is tired of this “WWF” drama between rappers.  Jeezy also discussed his dislike for Gucci Mane, and while Jeezy is open to possibly making amends with Ross in the future, he has no intention of ever being on good terms with Gucci.

Talking about running into Rozay at the BET Awards, Jeezy says it was actualy the first time the two had physically seen each other, and he felt it was a good time to clear the air.  “Me and him had never really seen each other, ya know, face to face.  I just felt like he spoke, I spoke…but at the end of the day it had been going on for awhile,” Jeezy said, “so if it was gonna be handled, it should be handled there…we’re gonna get past it and keep moving.

Tired of rappers manufacturing beef to sell records, Young Jeezy says, “in my words, I feel like a lot of these cats are actors, rappers, and I’m Young Jeezy…I refuse to be a part of this WWF propaganda BS to sell records.” Although his friction with Rick Ross has been going on for awhile, Jeezy is open to reconciling, “just back and forth, two, three years about nothing…I just feel like this rap game is just WWF…I earned my respect in the streets,” adding that nothing serious has come of it, “ain’t nobody been shot, stabbed, killed, ain’t nobody touch no one’s family.”

He may be open to possibly working with Ross in the future, but Jeezy has no intention of making up with Gucci Mane, who recently put him on blast, for apparently no reason.  The ATL rapper did not have positive things to say about Mane, “everybody know that boy retarded, ain’t nobody take him serious man, I mean he got an ice cream on his face.”  Saying that Mane was just upset because Jeezy would not collabo with him, “they call you to get on songs, and when you don’t get on songs, look what happen…he reach out a few times, I ain’t do the record.”

When asked if he would possibly work with Gucci in the future, Jeezy was blunt, “you talkin about a cat who been in the crazy house three times…he’s nutty-butty,” going onto cement his point, “absolutely not [work with Gucci]…just the level of disrespect, I can’t deal with that.”

Hopefully this means we can eventually be treated to Jeezy/Rozay collabos in the future and Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy can just stay out of each other’s way.

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