50 Cent – Discusses “My Life” Track

50 Cent50 Cent wants to clear the air on the mention of a few people on his “My Life” record, and added that “beef doesn’t sell records.”

50 Cent’s new single, “My Life,” has been making waves in the blogosphere ever since dropping on Monday. 50 Cent apparently mentions former G-Unit rappers Game & Young Buck.

50 says he will not dwell on beef with these two, but says he would like to give Young Buck and Game what Eminem gave him. The results with Buck and Game wasn’t the same as what happened with 50 and Em, as they weren’t as amenable to sharing the spotlight, so it seems.

50 said in his interview with Daly, “Well, you can offer an artist an opportunity to have the audience that’s interested in you, to become interested in them. But if they want what you have, they can’t quite do that, they gotta establish that on they own. The artist kinda got uncomfortable and thought they wouldn’t be as big as me, with me. I never felt like I have to get rid of Em, to be big, or disassociate myself with Dre.” 

50 also added, “Beef doesn’t actually sell records, it creates that barbershop/beauty salon conversation. Hit records sell records.”

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