Cee Lo Green – Accuser In Sexual Assault Case, Have A History Together

Cee Lo GreenMore news from on-going sexual assault case involving Cee Lo. 

Reports now say the woman actually had a history with the Cee Lo, as the two dated on-and-off since February 2012.

Apparently the woman, a Houston native, met Cee-Lo at the Super Bowl in February 2012. They spent time together over the weekend before the woman flew back home to Houston.  The two reportedly kept in touch via text and phone, and Cee-Lo even flew her out to L.A. multiple times.

Sources say that the woman asked Cee-Lo, and one of his friends to purchase expensive items for her.

On the day the sexual assault allegedly occurred, Cee-Lo had flown the woman out to L.A., where they went to eat at a sushi restaurant, as we previously reported. While the woman claims Cee-Lo drugged her with ecstasy which rendered her unconscious, and that he took advantage of her sexually.

TMZ reports that the woman made up this story about Cee-Lo to avoid problems the person she is dating in Houston.

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