Cee Lo Green – Woman Says He Drugged Her

Cee Lo Green - Drugged MeThis thing is growing stranger and stranger by the day. The accuser in the Cee Lo Green alleged sexual case says he drugged her.

Reports say that the woman told the police Cee Lo took her to a sushi restaurant in L.A. in July. After having a drink together she says she doesn’t remember anything until she woke up naked in a bed with Cee Lo in the same room.

Apparently Cee Lo has even admitted to slipping the woman MDMA and then having sex her with her in a recorded phone call (which Cee Lo denies). The accuser, who doesn’t live in California, says she went to her local police immediately and the case was soon turned over to the LAPD.

Sources say the LAPD had the woman make a “pretext call,” where she called up Cee Lo and secretly recorded the conversation, and during their conversation supposedly Cee Lo admits to giving her the drug and apologizes repeatedly to her.

Cee Lo’s people don’t believe this claim, saying if this were the case Cee Lo would have been arrested already.

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