Game – To Possibly Sign With Cash Money Or MMG

GameGame reveals he could be the newest member of MMG or Cash Money after his Interscope contract ends.

With Game‘s contract obligations to Interscope soon coming to an end after the release of his fifth studio album, Jesus Piece, he may be looking for a new label to call him. Could that home be MMG? According to the rapper, it just might be.

While talking to RapFix, he spoke on his deal with Interscope wrapping up, and how he’s been in conversation with Ricky Rozay. “This is my last studio album for Interscope,” Game said.”I talked to Ross the other day — shout-out to MMG, Wale and Meek Mill, they started off the MMG Tour in Penn State. I rocked with ’em onstage and I was talking to Ross, and Ross was like, ‘What’s up with that last album?’ And I’m like, ‘You know, it’s the last album.’ And he was like, ‘Nah, never mind, Jimmy ain’t gon’ let you go.’ So that and talking to [Cash Money’s] Baby and [Lil Wayne] two times a week, you know, it’s cool. I kinda feel like a little free agent in the league real quick.”  

However, even though talks are going on, nothing will be concrete until Interscope deal is up, “I’m gonna stay loyal to Interscope and get this Jesus Piece album going, then make my decision later on,” he said.

Game appreciates the fact that he’s an older head who’s still able to keep momentum going in the rap game, a feat not always easily accomplished, “You know what’s dope about it is that to even be able to say I’m working on my fifth album and still have momentum and not have fell off is cool in itself,” Game said. “So I’m just appreciative to still exist in hip-hop and still be wanted in music … to still be loved and appreciated.”

Game continued to touch on his relationship with his label, which hasn’t always been an easy one. He thinks he could have been more successful if he had spoke his mind more often. “I feel like my career would have been a little bit more successful and I would’ve been bigger if I sold out and I just didn’t speak my mind and didn’t do the things that I wanted to do,” Game explained. “But I was never down with that. I’m floatin’ through, man, trying to get my record deal; I slept in a Cadillac with two pit bulls for two years. I never wanted nothin’ but a condo, some Internet and some Rice Krispies. So everything that I got is good, man. Multiple cars, nothing too lavish.”

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