Ghostface Killah – Already Recorded Joints For Possible Wu-Tang Album

Ghostface Killa - WU ReunionGhostface Killah says RZA spoke with him recently about a Wu-Tang Clan reunion, but says RZA needs to oversee everything.

Many of us have been waiting a long time for a Wu-Tang reunion, and RZA recently gave the NY Times a lengthy explanation of what it would take for the crew to reunite. With word of this, Ghostface Killah has revealed he has already recorded tracks if this should go down.

With the 20-year anniversary of Wu-Tang’s iconic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) approaches, RZA was eyeing November to drop something new from the Wu. As Ghost told MTV News he, and RZA recently communicated about a possible reunion the other day.  Ghost has faith that RZA can make it happen, “He knows what it takes to go ahead and get there. He done studied the game now,” 

Ghostface goes on to reveal that while he was working on his follow-up to Supreme Clientele, he was also taking the time to do records for a possible Wu album. “While I was doin’ my Supreme Clientele shit, the second one, The Wally Era, I was doin’ joints for the next Wu album,” he revealed.

Ghost once again reiterates his faith in his fellow Wu-Tang member, RZA, “I believe in him because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be standing here today, regardless of what,” Ghost said. “He still got this same hungry for this Wu sh*t.”

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