Kendrick Lamar – The Source “Rookie Of The Year” Issue, Cover

Kendrick Lamar - Source CoverSmKendrick Lamar grabs covers The Source magazine’s “Rookie of the Year” issue.

Today The Source announces their “Rookie of the Year”, and he is also on the cover, Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar nabs the title and cover. Check the cover below.

A brief excerpt from the interview- Kendrick Lamar on his religious beliefs at a young age: “We couldn’t believe something we didn’t know about. As a kid, all we seeing is street shit… When you see one of your partners get smoked and that same day you have someone coming to you preaching to you asking you, ‘Do you believe in God?,’ it gives you a [different] outlook.”

Kendrick Lamar - Source Cover


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