LL Cool J – Confirms The Release Date For “Authentic Hip-Hop” LP

LL Cool J LL Cool J has confirmed the release of his 13th studio album. The album will be released in February of next year.

LL Cool J carved out lane for  himself starting with the fashion in which he received his first record deal up to, and including becoming an actor.  He is now working on a new album which will be his 13th, and will be dropping February 12th. 

The Queens, NY native has already released two tracks from the upcoming album, “Ratchet” and “Take It”, both of which can be found on SFHH. With these two tracks alone it appears Hip Hop fans will get a glimpse of what Hip Hop used to be. We at SFHH are anticipating great work from Mr. Smith, after all he has always put out good music. Welcome back (if we may)LL Cool J, we look forward to taking this trip back to the essence of Hip Hop.

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