Pusha T – My Favorite Record Didn’t Make “Cruel Summer” Album

Pusha T

While Pusha T may not be aware of a Cruel Winter, he  speaks with Complex about Cruel Summer and how his favorite record did not make the LP.

Push T says that there was a track with Common that escaped the album somehow.

“My favorite record was probably records that didn’t make the album. People don’t know there were records where Common was rapping over—like, we had Common rapping on strip club records. Do you know how great that shit was? That shit was so good that it was like—it’s annoying that I don’t know if people will ever hear this shit,” Pusha Ton says of the record.

He explains how Common really wanted to hop on the beat, “You know me, you know my perspective. You got me, you got Big Sean, and then you have Common who’s super conscious. He has a whole ‘nother perspective. He was really rapping and really wanted to get on this record. He heard our verses and was like, “Man, I’m laying one to this.” I’m like, “Are you for real?” He’s like, “I’m doing it.”

Although some fans were disappointed with the result of the compilation album, Pusha T says he is happy with result, and hopefully one day we’ll get a “Lost Cruel Summer Sessions” so we can all hear the Common record.

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