Slim The Mobster – Has Twitter Ablazed With Comments About 50 Cent

Slim The MobsterFormer label mates take shots at each other over Twitter, during a beef session started by Slim the Mobster.

50 Cent has been taking shots a few people via Twitter recently. He first took shots at Rick Ross’ as a result of poor at a concert, and then trading jabs with Slim the Mobster. 

Slim the Mobster went at 50 Cent because he claims the rapper borrowed his style without permission. 

He went on calling 50 Cent gay, a snitch, and saying he stole his swag, even adding some photos along with his tweets. He even took shots at Paris, 50 Cent’s new artist.

Slim tweeted, “You got dropped twice b4 marshall saved you let’s not forget u can’t walk your block without getting sweated by radimez @50cent.”

Slim’s string of tweets included, “Dre didn’t drop me I got tired of being hated on by @50cent I asked to be let go …..”

50 responded to Slim, although his tweets didn’t go on for quite as long, he said, “Yo what’s that boy name,DRE Dropped him off after math he got a big ass A on his back LMAO.”