Cassidy – “Condom Style” Endorsement Deal

Cassidy - I Don't Like FreestyleWell at this point most everyone knows the what Meek Mill said about Cassidy’s “Condom Style.”  Well look what has transpired. Cassidy struck an endorsement deal after releasing a random freestyle over “Gangnam Style,” advocating safe sex.

Many laughed at Cassidy for doing the freestyle but we learns that he may turned it in to major money.

“Condom Style” dropped over the weekend, and advocates safe sex and wearing a condom. Cassidy, the Philly rapper who put the song out, received a lot of attention from the release, both good and bad as fans and non-fans alike listened to the freestyle.

Cassidy tweets of the deal, “I wanna thank all the haters & the ppl showin luv!I got an endorsement deal 2day 4 making the freestyle “CondomStyle” $$$.”

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