Freddie Gibbs – Is He Leaving Young Jeezy’s CTE?

Freddie Gibbs- Is He LeavingIs Freddie Gibbs leaving Young Jeezy’s CTE World label.

Rumors have begun circulating about Freddie Gibbs leaving Young Jeezy’s CTE camp.

This all started with an interview Freddie Gibbs had with The Breakfast Club. He made a statement about his album not having a label to distribute it. When he was asked about his situation with CTE, he was not forthcoming. He did say that he Jeezy are still on good terms.

Now Gangsta Gibbs has added to the speculation, having tweeted that he is a “free agent,” and that it is ESGN (his own label) “til the end.”

From this, we can assume that his CTE association must be diminished, if not gone completely. We’ll have to wait and see what he does come album-time, but as he stated when talking to The Breakfast Club, he’s not in a rush to get out an LP.

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