Future – Discusses “Medusa” Mixtape With French Montana

Future - TranceWhen asked about the amount of music he has recorded, he says he has a lot. Future says, he’s recorded so much material with French Montana, why not give it out for free as a mixtape. 

Future explained to the LA Leakers that he and French record something together whenever they run into each other– where ever that might be. The result is plenty of club bangers, which the auto-tuned rapper says he wants to give to fans for free on Medusa.  

Future says of the effort, “Yeah, yeah, it’s ‘Medusa.’ We just been going at it back-to-back, we just knockin’ records out every time we saw each other, we just been bumpin’ into each other in Miami, or when we in Vegas, or whether he in Atlanta, we just been gettin’ in the studio and making records. And all the records that came up, we like we just might needa make it a mixtape. ‘Cause it’s always about giving back to the fans. Just giving them club bangers. ‘Cause they like to see artists collaborate.” 


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