Joe Budden – Discusses Features On “No Love Lost”

Joe Budden - New AlbumJoe Budden recently A Loose Quarter mixtape which from what we could gather was very good. It served as a warm-up to his January album No Love Lost. While Budden has been known for working solo throughout his career, with No Love Lost he’s trying something different by having features fans might not expect from him.

In an interview with HardKnock TV, Budden revealed a bunch of these unexpected features, which includes verses from French Montana and Wiz Khalifa, as previously reported, but also the likes of Juicy J and Lloyd Banks. The Khalifa and Juicy J features are a bite of a surprise to us.


Check out the rest of Budden’s interview below. No Love Lost is slated for release on January 22nd.

“It’s gunna really be an album. It’s some shit on there. I got some features than fans that followed me probably wouldn’t be accustomed to me having. I thought very outside-the-box. I got a record with me, Lloyd Banks, and Juicy J. I got another record with me Wiz and French. I got another record with Kirko. I got another one with Omarion. I probably have never worked with as many people as I did, on this project. And again, that goes into the album title “No Love Lost.” Doing some things differently, throughout my career I was kind of a one-man record crew. I did everything. Recorded alone, toured alone, I don’t wanna say anti-social…but I was probably anti-social.”

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