Joe Budden – Discusses Next Slaughterhouse Album And Sobriety

Joe BuddenMaybe being part of a team has helped Joe Budden. If listen to his music, it may be a young lady that has helped him through some of the dark patches. It could even be devine intervention that has this Joey thinking different. However, we do know that he has sobered and says this next album will be sober affair.

It’s no secret that Joe Budden has had some problems with alcohol use and drugs, although now the rapper is dry and clean. In his latest mixtape, A Loose Quarter, he opened up a lot about getting sober, and in this new interview with Fuse, he reveals that it’s not just him– the entire Slaughterhouse crew are sobering up.

Joe explains to Fuse how the four members of the Slaughterhouse crew had their own demons to battle while recording welcome to: Our House. “We all battled a lot of demons, recording that last album, and I think we managed to beat them all. Like I was high recording that last album, and I was probably high doing all the interviews as well.”

Joe Budden says  of the drinking, “But I’m no longer that, Royce doesn’t drink Patron anymore, Crook doesn’t drink, Joell doesn’t drink. So this next album, it’s gunna almost be like a whole new group, I can’t wait.” 


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