Kendrick Lamar – Addresses Fanatics and Critics

Kendrick Lamar - InterviewKendrick Lamar recently spoke with MTV News, and addressed fans and critics alike who questioned his decision to join the Interscope label. Kedrick says there was no pressure from the label and they gave him full creative freedom with the album.

“People tell me this every day, I was in a blessed position,” said Kendrick. “No compromise at all. [They] told me to go, continue what I’m doing – Interscope, Dre. Continue doing what I’m doing. And I think that just comes from them having faith in the music, them believing in the foundation that we built from the ground up, and not wanting to lose that foundation. So many people say, ‘Well I was hearing…he signed to which-a-call-it. I know it’s about to happen now. He’s finna come with something left.’ But at the whole time this was already premeditated how we was gon’ come.”

Kendrick went on to speak about the support he received from mentor Dr.Dre, who he says was ready to get the ball rolling in the first few days he was signed to Interscope. Revealing that Dr.Dre thought he was already developed as an artist, Kendrick explained that Dre merely asked him how long it would take to create his solo album.

“In so many words you know what Dre said…this probably like my first week after being signed to him. He said, ‘You know what? You ready. Ain’t no need developing you or being over your shoulders. You already ready. How long do you think you’re gonna take to build this album,’” Kendrick explained.

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