Lil Flip – Caught With Marijuana And An Assault Rifle

Lil FlipAfter being stopped in Louisiana for speeding, Lil Flip was arrested for possession of marijuana as well as having an assault rifle on board.

Lil Flip was stopped by police and arrested in Louisiana after a search of the vehicle found marijuana and an assault rifle on board.  He and his passenger were both arrested with Flip still behind bars. 

The “Rolling on 20s” rapper was stopped by officials on December 26th while travelling in Mansfield Louisiana, and speeding on Interstate 49.  Apparently, his car was searched on suspicion, and Flip, real name Wesley Eric Weston, along with the other person on board, Olanza Sanders, were placed under arrest when marijuana and a Bustmaster AR-15 assault rifle was found.

Both men were taken to the DeSoto Detention Center where Weston was charged with a third-offense possession of marijuana charge and possession of a firearm around a controlled substance, and speeding.  He remains locked up on $35,300 bail, while the other man, Sanders, was released on $25,000 bail.

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