Lil Wayne – Pays Tax Debt Of $7 Million

Lil Wayne - Paid Taxe DebtWe heard the about many rappers running in to trouble with not paying taxes. Lil Wayne is no different. He has paid a  tax debt that dates back to 2008.

Lil Wayne recently paid off some tax debt, stemming as far back as 2008, according to recent reports. The YMCMB rapper reportedly paid off $7.72 million in tax liens from various years.

The story is Wayne owed more than $3 million from ’08, and more than $2 million from ’09, as documented by Miami Dade Country records. Because the rapper purchased quite an extravagant home on La Gorce island this September, setting him back $11.6 million, this apparently allowed the IRS to bring forth these tax liens. Previous to this he had been renting a place, and didn’t have the type assets which the IRS like to lien.

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