RZA – Sued By Dutch Artist

RZA SuedA Dutch singer she says she never got paid for the songs she collaborated with RZA on.

RZA is being sued for unpaid royalties, something every artist seems to be familiar with at some point or another in their music career.

The Wu-Tang Clan member is being sued by a Dutch singer, Thea Van Seijaen, who is most famous for the vocals she did on his track “Baby Boy” which was featured in Jet Li’s film “Unleashed.”

As TMZ reports, Thea filed a lawsuit which states she should have been paid for her work on that particular song, as well as 13 others she co-wrote and performed between 2004-2011, but she only got a small amount of what was due to her. 

She claims that for years she didn’t file a suit because she was afraid that RZA would black-ball her from the music industry and community. However, now the Dutch singer is taking her problem to court, asking that RZA fork over the royalties she’s owed on the 14 tracks.

A source close to RZA says of the suit, “Unfortunately this is a groundless lawsuit by someone RZA had helped get off the streets, lent a helping hand to, and now thinks he’s an easy target to mark looking for money.”

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