Trina – Management Group Sued For $50M

Trina SuedTrina and her management group have been slapped with a $50 million lawsuit after she failed to judge an amateur rap contest event.

News has surfaced that Trina is being sued for the sum of $50 million for failing to appear at an amateur rap contest event called “America’s Next Top Rapper”. 

The group behind the event, Omnipresent Media, along with Lawrence “Amar” Wright are suing the Florida femcee and a few others including Josh Burke, the principal behind her managing team Rarebreed Entertainment, J Ego Entertainment, Nunoise Travel and even the State of Florida. 

According to the suit obtained by Courthouse News Service, Trina was set to judge the event that pitted aspiring rappers against each other in an online streaming platform with the winner receiving $20,000, a deal with Universal and a “hit production team”. 

The show was to be held at the end of 2011, and the lawsuit alleges that the Miami rapper backed out after failing to provide promo videos to the organizers for them to create buzz for the event.  Omnipresent claims they had created significant traffic after promoting on networks such as BET and MTV, and feels the event could have been highly successful had Trina attended as a judge.

Apparently, Trina’s management team asked for more money and that the taping not be broadcast publicly.  Nunoise Travel is named in the suit because they said she would not show unless travel expenses were covered, and although Omnipresent agreed to this, she still did not show.  Her no show caused those in attendance to become “unruly” and they “heckled competition participants.” 

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