50 Cent – WIll G-Unit Reunion Happen

G-Unit ReunionHow can it be? With the things we have heard about 50, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.  We all know the situation with 50 and Game (or is he not included), but 50 Cent says there is a “strong possibility” of them working together in the future.

50 Cent said that the reason G-Unit split was because the other members depended upon him too much, and that there was no work ethic. Now 50 is saying there is chance of a G-Unit project forthcoming. 

The G-Unit General talked to Billboard.biz about that state of his relationship with Yayo and Banks and says they have had their differences, but the two are becoming more independent and he is not forced to carry them any longer, “People grow in different directions…[They] have different agendas about things they want to do and they’re sorting themselves out in that way and I’m focused on things that are important to me right now.”  50 then flat out said it looks good for the three to work together once Street King Immortal is finished, “there’s a strong possibility there will be a G-Unit [collaboration] with the three of us. But right now, I’m focused on my solo project.”

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