Common – Preparing For His First Mixtape

Common - First MixtapeNews is Common is preparing his first ever mixtape. The project is expected to drop sometime in May, and will feature the likes of Lupe Fiasco and production by Hit-Boy and Travis Scott.

With a thriving acting career, Common hasn’t produced much musically. It appears that now that he is with GOOD Music maybe just maybe Kanye West has inspired him. Whatever has made begin to create again musically, we know he will produce a very put together project. We hear that Common should release a solo project in the spring.

The up and coming beatmakers he’s planning to work with are mostly crew-affiliated. Common states, “this guy Travis Scott who we work with on GOOD Music”, as well as announcing that he’s “definitely gonna mess with Hit-Boy on some stuff”. He also said he might do something with Lupe.


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