Nas – New Deal With Hennessy

Nas - TrustNas has announced a new partnership with Hennessy for their “Wild Rabbit” campaign.

Nas, definitely familiar with the brown drink, has announced a new deal with Hennessey, for their “Wild Rabbit” campaign. 

The partnering up will result in a private concert on January 15th at New York City, New York’s R Lounge. Hennessey has also teamed up with Livestream, in order to broadcast the event worldwide and make it downloadable through Facebook.

In addition to this, there will be a live Twitter Q&A, to which fans can submit their questions @HenesseyUS.

Nas spoke on the new deal, “This partnership with Hennessy has been almost two decades in the making. I am honored to be included in the group of previous partners Hennessy has selected over the years and hope this campaign will inspire others to ‘never stop, never settle.”‘

Rodney Williams, the Senior Vice President of Moet Hennessy USA said, “Our ‘never stop, never settle’ mantra communicates a value at The Core of who we are as a brand and resonates with our consumers: pursuing one’s potential comes from an inner drive to continuously grow, continuously improve and seek greater levels of mastery. Nas is not only a master in music, but is blazing new trails in film and philanthropy, among other passions.” 

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