Timbaland – Now Working With 50 Cent’s SMS Audio

Timbaland Signs with 50 CentIt looks like 50 is taking a page from Dre with the signing of hit maker Timbaland to help with promoting and engineering audio equipment. This looks like a good move as Timbaland does have an ear for good music.

50 Cent has been expanding his reach with SMS Audio and now has signed top producer Timbaland to his roster to be involved in not only promoting the audio equipment but to assist in the design and engineering process. 

In a statement Timbaland says “50 Cent has created an aspirational audio brand that produces the highest caliber of headphones on the market. I’m looking forward to working with 50 and being part of a company so eager to bring studio-quality sound to music fans all over the world.”

50 refers to  Timbaland a “huge asset” and in his statement regarding the signing, “As an entrepreneur in the music industry, I have great respect for Timbaland and his evolving role as a producer, artist and influencer. I welcome his expertise and guidance. Timbaland will be a huge asset to the SMS Audio team as we move forward with new and innovative audio products.”

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