AZ – Says “Doe Or Die II” May Be His Last Album

AZ - Final AlbumAZ hints that his next album could be his last, and lends his thoughts about Hip Hop.

When asked about the his situation he shares this, “Going from a major to independent, it’s two different zones,” he said. “I was doing independent from like ’05 and it’s a lot of work and then every few years, the game changes itself. This [Doe or Die II] might be definitely be my last album.”

AZ admitted that while the game has changed considerably, he has never lost his hunger for the game. “I actually never lost [my hunger] to be honest. It was just a matter of the stars lining up and the doors opening and that certain sound coming back into existence.”

He continued with the chance of using a different approach for what could be his final album.

“I might put a mixtape out and then put an album out because this is the last hurrah for me. I’ve got a couple of cats that are ready to come out behind me and I’ve got a good starting team and so I’m just going to play the game.”

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