Beanie Sigel – Waives Preliminary Hearing On Drug And Gun Charges

Beanie Sigel - Waives Preliminary HearingBeanie Sigel went before court and waived his preliminary hearing on a drug and gun charge from an August 2012 arrest.

 After his arrest on gun and drug charges over five months ago, Beanie Sigel has waived his hearing during his appearance this week in court.

Shackled and wearing prison blues, Sigel, born Dwight Grant, stood before Magisterial District Judge Edward Christie and waived his preliminary hearing on all charges. Though he said little during the proceedings, Sigel smiled when Judge wished him good luck.

Beanie was originally arrested on August 29th following a traffic stop. Following the discovery of marijuana and prescription pill bottles on the driver, police found a bottle of codeine and $4,500 cash in his cargo pockets. He also allegedly admitted to having various prescription pills wrapped in a plastic bag tucked inside of a cigarette pack in his pocket and was put under arrest. His car then being towed had a custodial search be done and state police found a fully loaded .38-caliber Smith in the upper console above his stereo. Bail was set at $300,000 cash, which kept him confined to the Delaware County prison even though he was scheduled to start beginning a 24-month sentence for a tax evasion.

Sigel is scheduled to be formally arraigned in media on March 6th.

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