Cee Lo Green – Being Sued For $14.2M

Cee Lo - Being Sued for $14.2 MillionCee Lo was scheduled to perform during this past holiday season but failed to do so. Now he and his management group are being sued for $14.2 million .

This past holiday season, Cee Lo Green released a Christmas album entitled Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, which did really well on the charts.  As a result, Green’s management group was shopping Christmas performances.  Now Cierra Management Group is suing Cee Lo’s team because they feel he never intended on performing. 

Originally, Cierra was contacted with the proposal of a “12 Days of Christmas” event, and they would charge $100,000 per show for the Goodie Mob alum to perform.  Eventually it was negotiated down to two concerts for the price of $243,000.  Now TMZ is reporting, that Cierra Management Group is suing Cee Lo’s people, as the suit claims the agreed upon shows were “a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest.”

They also hit up the Atlanta singer, as he failed to meet the contractual obligations of performing at the two shows.  In total, Cierra is seeking $14.2 million in damages.

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