DJ Sam Sneak |Maybach Music Group| – Disses Lil Wayne

Sam SneekI appears Lil Wayne has opened a can he may not have wanted to. MMG’s DJ Sam Sneak throw a few words at Lil Wayne via twitter for his Miami diss from last weekend.

 Lil Wayne has stepped on the toes of some in Miami this past weekend for his wild rant on the Miami Heat and NBA. But one person who is really speaking up is MMG’s DJ Sam Sneak who took to twitter Tuesday evening to let people know how he feels.

Sam Sneak, who is a part of Maybach Music Group, has openly called out Lil Wayne via twitter Tuesday evening for Weezy’s diss towards Miami. Needless to say, Sam is from Dade County, Florida, which is

just north of Miami. Lets just have Sam’s tweets speak for themselves on the topic of matter (seen above). 


 DJ Sam Sneak Disses Lil Wayne

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