Lil Wayne – Apologizes To City Of Miami

Lil Wayne - Apologizes To MiamiLil Wayne discusses the letter Uncle Luke posted on his blog, saying it was wrong for him to blast the Miami Heat and offend the city, and says he apologizes but felt disrespected at the time.

Lil Wayne has been in the line of fire from some in the Miami community  after going on his heated anti-Miami Heat tirade on All Star weekend.  Uncle Luke has been on the front line of the firing squad, saying Wayne should apologize, as his comments were disrespectful to the whole city.  In a recent interview with 99 Jamz, Wayne talks about the letter and says he has actually never met him (Luke), and also says he does not intend to leave Miami, and he apologizes to anyone he offended. 

In an open letter, Uncle Luke says that DJ Khaled and Rick Ross needed to step up for the city of Miami and put Wayne in line.  Discussing the letter, the YMCMB rapper says he is yet to read it, and has never met him, “I haven’t read Luke’s letter, but I already know how he feels about me…I’ve never met him actually.” Trying to defend himself, the New Orleans native says, “Ever since I got here, there were billboards and signs saying, ‘Lil Wayne, Go Back Home,’ you know what I mean? And I didn’t do anything.”

Talking about whether or not he will relocate after this fiasco, Lil Wayne says he will not as the city is perfect for him, “This is Miami, I can’t move…I got the best skate weather, ever, down here.” He then goes on record to apologize, saying he just was emotional because he felt disrespected by the NBA and the Heat organization, “Like I said, the main thing I really want to get out there is that I do apologize for the misunderstanding to the city of Miami. I love everyone here, it’s just I’m passionate about sports and I felt very disrespected, that’s all. I felt very, very disrespected.”

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