Suge Knight – Two Warrants Filed in California

Suge Knight - Arrest Warrant IssuedSuge Knight can be arrested on sight for missing his recent court dates.

Suge Knight was with Snoop Dogg the other night having a good time. While this reunion was the first we’d heard from Suge in some time, he’s now found his name back in the headlines, on a decidedly more negative note.

Two warrants were just filed in California for Suge Knight’s arrest. Knight was scheduled to appear in court Thursday, but never showed up. The court appearance was a hearing for two cases, one of which was a charge for driving without a license. The music exec was sentenced to 3 years of unsupervised probation for one of the events, but the other was still pending.

According to the L.A. County Superior Court, Suge did not show up for either case, and the judge has issued two bench warrants- for $5,000, and $30,000 respectively. According to the warrants, Suge can be arrested on sight.

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