YG – Young Jeezy Will Play A Big Role On Debut

YG - DebutYG says Young Jeezy will be an instrumental part of his debut album “Welcome To Bompton.”

YG‘s latest mixtape, Just Re’d Up 2, had a number of features. It included the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy, J, Ty Dolla $ign and Young Scooter, but it seems the rapper YG had the most chemistry with was Young Jeezy.

“I Fuck With Jeezy, I’m still fuckin’ with him” said YG, explaining that him and Jeezy have done a lot of work together lately. He also hinted that the snowman would play a role on his debut, saying “He gonna help me with my album”.

He also explained why he didn’t get on Jeezy’s “RIP” track with DJ Mustard, even being asked to jump on it by the ATL rapper himself. “I was in the studio with Jeezy, we had sessions for like a week straight.” said Y. “We were working on mixtape, album shit, he had mustard shoot him some beats”.

“He was making some songs for me with hooks, that’s how i got the ‘Playin‘ track”. When Jeezy came across the “RIP” beat, he recommended YG take the track for himself, saying “I think this has to be your single”.

When YG refused with the statement “I don’t fuck with that shit”, he says Jeezy then decided to put it on his own mixtape, but still wanted to include Y.”I’m gonna do a verse and put it on my mixtape, hop on it” said the Snowman.

YG reports that he attempted multiple verses on the track, but wasn’t happy with any of them, but now expresses regret for not being involved in the hit. “That was at the time, I think I was goin through some shit or something.”, he said of his poor decision, adding “Jeezy did his thing on that”.

The “Ratchet” rapper confirms that Jeezy is giving him a second chance to get on the song. “I’m gonna be on the official remix” he revealed.

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