DMX – Being Sued By Nightclub

DMX Being SuedA night club is suing DMX for not appearing after receiving payment.

DMX seems to be in the news with legal issue quite frequently. His most recent trouble comes in the form of a lawsuit. The suit was filed by a nightclub that claims DMX took money for a show, and never appeared.

TMZ reports that Owls Nest Sports Lounge filed the lawsuit in South Carolina, claiming they hired X for a meet and greet on August 25, 2012 for the low sum of $3,000. However, DMX  never showed up.

Owls Nest wants DMX to reimburse them for the $3,000 and as well for various expenses, including $45 for a few bottles of gin and $50 for a bartender. There has been no response from DMX at this point.

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